Yoga sebagai Jalan Realisasi Kesadaran Diri dalam Teks Tattwa Jnana

I Gusti Made Widya Sena


In his life man has two consciousnesses, namely physical awareness and spiritual
awareness. Physical awareness is any form of change of mind to know and feel the state of the physical body. A conscious body is a form of representation of various changes in desires that want the body to always be healthy, fit, beautiful and not lack anything. Without us knowing it in the end, physical awareness will bring life to be increasingly tied to the world that is outside us and forget the real world that is within us. This truth is important to realize because knowledge without understanding will be a form of implementation of blind practices.
Blindness in question is not blind to the senses, but blind to the psychological aspects by forgetting the true nature of self. For this reason, the right knowledge and understanding and implementation of tattwa teachings, especially regarding Yoga as a Way of Realizing Self Awareness in the Tattwa Jnana Text, is very important to be put forward in daily life towards spiritual awareness and improvement of a harmonious life. Based on the background above, the authors are interested in raising this paper because previously there had never been any scientific writing or articles related to the theme that the author adopted. In addition, by writing this article, it is hoped that later scientific articles of the same type will increasingly develop and contribute to the world of modern knowledge and health.

Kata Kunci

Yoga; Self Realization; Tattwa Jnana

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