Ni Luh Putu Ardiningsih, I Komang Sulatra, Putu Devi Maharani


This study aims to find out the types of derivational affixes forming noun and the functions of derivational affixes forming noun in the novel entitled Firefly Lane written by Kristin Hannah.  The methods used in this study are quantitative and qualitative methods. This study used observation method in collecting the data from all chapters in the novel Firefly Lane.Finally, this writing concludes that there were two functions of derivational affixes such are: class changing affixes and class maintaining affixes and each function has two types which are: prefixes and suffixes. The result of the study found there are 3 prefixes forming noun such are: re-, pre-,and  pro-, and from suffixes there were found 22 suffixes forming noun, they are: -er, -hood, -ism, -ist, -ity, -ship, -ness, -th, -ize, -less, -ous, -y, -ful, -ive, -ing, -ance, -ence, -ant, -ion, -ment, - or, and –ure.


morphology, derivational, affixes and noun

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