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A Tour consists of six important elements. Those are (1) transportation which can be land, sea, or air transportation. (2) Acommodation that can be an expensive resort or a small and simple motor inn. (3) Dining can be a qick-service food, buffet dinner, or table service dining. (4) Sightseeing; which can be a city tour, rural or village tour to historical sites, traditional architecture, or (5) Attraction is actually the most important pulling factor motivation of the tourists’ visit to a destination which can be a performance, an adventure activities, etc. (6) Shopping which can be a big super-market, traditional art market, or galleries. A tour plan is made in the form of 3 different itineraries. Those are (1) summary itinerary, (2) Detail Passenger Itinerary or DPI, and (3) Escort itinerary which is also welknown as Manual. A tour itinerary must consider all six elements in accordance with the clients’ interests, budget, number, and time alocation for a tour.

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