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The study entitled "the Nonverbal communication of teachers in Transforming Pendet on Deaf Persons in State 1 for SLB Badung Regency" method used in this research is a case study that is intensively focusing to a particular object by studying as a case. This research uses qualitative analysis which is a measurement by using the method of observation and in-depth interviews.

Through quantitative approach, the data obtained from the field drawn conclusions that are specific to the impersonal. The subject is the teacher – teacher as teachers and children – child sufferers of the deaf in SLB land of Badung Regency.

This event will be based on research by the obstacles teachers guide in mentranspormasikan State in the pendet SLB 1 Badung Regency with interesting formulation issues (1) what kind of nonverbal communication in transforming pendet on deaf persons in State 1 for SLB Badung Regency (2) difficulties – the difficulty of what experienced teachers in transforming the country's pendet SLB 1 Badung Regency (3) what are the efforts of teachers in transforming the country's pendet SLB 1 Badung Regency

The theory used to dissect the formulation of a problem in this research is (1) the theory of Symbolic Interaksionisme, (2) the theory of Behavior, and (3) the communication Accommodation theory. The research results showed that the role of the teacher's Guide is helpful to form a student understand the movement of the pendet.

Confidence can already indicated with the behavior of deaf children who are able to blend in with the lingkunganya are good, and the openness of the most prominent is characterized by the behavior of children who've dared to appear on stage rendition lenggak lenggokan pendet is perfect. To instill an understanding of deaf children on the pendet needed teachers guide who are nonverbal and runs both ways meaning that the child understands what is communicated by the teacher guides and otherwise teachers understand their students so entwined good communication and in accordance with the expected.


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