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Information and communication technology is a large umbrella terminology that covers all technical equipment and its processed to deliver for obtain alternative information by listening to radio broadcasts. Dwijendra community radio is one of the relevant information media in broadcasting programs which is nuanced Hindu relogion and Balinese culture.  One of which broadcasts the program of dharma wacana. Dharma Wacana is a religious lecture given by Hindu scholars to increase and expand  knowledge people of Hindu based on the holy religion of Hindu, Therefore appointed a research that entitled "Dwijendra High School Students Response To  The Dharma Wacana Program On Dwijendra Community Radio ". The formulation of the problem  in this research is how the existence of Dwijendra Community Radio, how the process of broadcasting Dharma Wacana program through Dwijendra Community Radio, and how Dwijendra student response to the program of Dharma Wacana.

The concept used in the combination research (mix methods) is the approach by combining the quantitative method with qualitative methods in order to get more accurate data. In this research reviewing the data in the form of questionnaires, opinions of informants, books as well as supporting this research. The target devoted to the distribution of questionnaires is Dwijendra High School students, besides that to get more data is by using interview method, observation and literature study technique.

 The result of this research is, the existence of Dwijendra Community Radio that is in year 2000 the colleger of Fikom Dwijendra University pioneered Radio Dwijendra as a medium for learning religious broadcasting that has a professional and trusted vision to promote education, culture literature and Hindu Religion, and the mission is to conserve religious values as well as to strengthen informative and communicative technological knowledge. The process of broadcasting Dharma Wacana Program of  Dwijendra Community Radio is supported by several important tools used in the broadcasting process, Dharma Wacana is broadcast every day after Tri Sandhya at 6:05 to 6:30 a.m. Dwijendra High School student response to Dharma Wacana program through Dwijendra Community Radio that is, from the result of questionnaire Dharma Wacana is very influential for Dwijendra High School Students because it can increase the knowledge of Hinduism.

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