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Text Gaguritan Tam Tam as one of the classic works of literature that is used as a tool or medium to convey a moral message and values of Hinduism to the people, especially young children that contains the message that was brought through the narrative/penokohannya so it will be further assessed. Based on this background, the problems of this research are: 1) Tam Tam Gaguritan Text Structure, 2) Meanings and functions contained in Tam Tam Gaguritan Text, and (3) The values of Hindu religious education contained in Gaguritan Tam Tam. Specifically, the research carried out has a purpose according to the problem.

The theory used is the theory of Instructionalism by teew, Hermeneutika function theory by Sumaryono, and Value theory by Koentjaningrat. The data used are primary and secondary data. Methods Data collection used is literature study, interviews, and document recording techniques, data analyzed with descriptive qualitative literature.

Based on the research, the results obtained are as follows: 1) Tam Tam Gaguritan Text consists of various pupils with text structure including, language code, and literature, language style, figure, plot, setting, theme and message, 2) Gaguritan Tam Tam tale tells the heartwarming story of the atman incarnation, the disciple of the ancient Aji Saka (sacred) magician of Java who is a loving gentleman named Ginal (Goddess Adnya Swari) and Ginul (Tam Tam) is very clever in all the inner and outer sciences, told is the ultimate incarnation, where through the life of the twists and turns that eventually both united and became king and queen to teach dharma so that can be picked various values from narrative set/plot characterizing in ceritannya. The meanings contained in it are, the meaning of advice, the meaning of love and happiness, the meaning of hope, purpose and self-defense, the meaning of disappointment and anger, the meaning of resignation and abstinence, the meaning of anxiety and evil, the meaning of life goals, the meaning of admiration and gratitude, Its function is as a medium of education, means of entertainment and association (pesanthian), counselor of feeling (kundalini), and 3) Values contained in Tam Tam Geguritan Text: sraddha value, ethical value in brahmacari, moral value (subha and asuha karma) And leadership value.

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