State Defense Diplomacy In Chanakya Viewpoint (Study of Arthashastra Text as a Basis Strategy of Defense Diplomacy)

Channarong Chati, Ni Nyoman Ayu Nikki Avalokitesvari, Ni Kadek Surpi


State defense is a very important aspect in maintaining the existence and sovereignty of a country. Since ancient century Chanakya in a very famous treatise Arthasastra emphasized the importance of diplomacy and efforts to build up the strength of a country. This paper aims to examine the Arthasastra text as the basis of the Defense Diplomacy strategy. Indonesia adopted a Sanskrit slogan in the military world which indicated the close relationship of Indonesian defense and the treasury of Asian civilization with the influence of Indian text. Chanakya asserted, the state must build defense, ready to fight but can maintain peace. A country is deemed to be authoritative so that other countries either with a hostile tendency or as partners, will have high respect. Nevertheless, Arthasastra insists the supreme goal of a country is to build prosperity with defense and security as a prerequisite to build prosperity for a country.

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