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Human are creatures that struggle intensely with education. That is why humans are called the animal educandum and animal educandus at the same time as educated creatures and educational creatures. In other words, humans are creatures who are always involved in the process of education, both those done to others and to themselves. Weak character in the Indonesian people by fighting bad characters. The mental revolution in the nation consists of 18 characters that must be resisted, namely negative thinking, delaying work, not focusing, lacking in confidence, always pessimistic, lazy, ignorant, easy to give up, greedy, selfish, wasteful, dishonest, anti-change, avoid responsibility, lack commitment, underestimate quality, feudal and hypocritical. Because this condition is background of the birth in  character education consisting of 18 characters contained in the Indonesian nation's education, namely: religious, honest, tolerant, discipline, hard work, creative, independent, democratic, curiosity, national spirit, love for the country, respect for achievement, friendly / communicative, peace-loving, fond of reading, caring for the environment, social care, and responsibility (Jurnal kalangwan, Vol. 6, No. 1, Maret 2016:82). Character education has the same essence and meaning as moral education and noble moral education. The aim is to shape the child's personality so that they become better human beings, good citizens and citizens. Entering the millennial era, various changes occurred very rapidly. The main characteristic of the change that is happening in this millennial era is the rapid cultural change, so that the impact of educational institutions is doubtful, so that character education is not sufficiently taught within the school environment, but more importantly to be taught in the family environment because the family environment is the first and foremost child learning place. As well as character education can be made through a good community environment. Because of character development, it is influenced by the community environment where they live and play. The influence of society is very influential in association in the current millennial era. Because of new trends and new understandings adopted from westernization and globalization. So the way to grow character education through the family environment is the first and foremost place, supported by education in the school and community environment.

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Character Education, Family, Millennial Era.

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